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Middle SchoolsMiddle Schools
Elementary SchoolsElementary Schools
Administrative OfficesAdministrative Offices
High SchoolsHigh Schools
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Aiken HighAiken High
Midland Valley HighMidland Valley High
North Augusta HighNorth Augusta High
Ridge Spring-Monetta HighRidge Spring-Monetta High
Silver Bluff HighSilver Bluff High
South Aiken HighSouth Aiken High
Wagener-Salley HighWagener-Salley High
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A.L. Corbett MiddleA.L. Corbett Middle
Aiken MiddleAiken Middle
Jackson MiddleJackson Middle
Kennedy MiddleKennedy Middle
LBC MiddleLBC Middle
Leavelle McCampbell MiddleLeavelle McCampbell Middle
New Ellenton MiddleNew Ellenton Middle
North Augusta MiddleNorth Augusta Middle
Paul Knox MiddlePaul Knox Middle
Ridge Spring-Monetta MiddleRidge Spring-Monetta Middle
Schofield MiddleSchofield Middle
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Aiken ElementaryAiken Elementary
Belvedere ElementaryBelvedere Elementary
Busbee ElementaryBusbee Elementary
Byrd ElementaryByrd Elementary
Chukker Creek ElementaryChukker Creek Elementary
Clearwater ElementaryClearwater Elementary
East Aiken ElementaryEast Aiken Elementary
Gloverville ElementaryGloverville Elementary
Greendale ElementaryGreendale Elementary
Hammond Hills ElementaryHammond Hills Elementary
J.D. Lever ElementaryJ.D. Lever Elementary
Jefferson ElementaryJefferson Elementary
Millbrook ElementaryMillbrook Elementary
Mossy Creek ElementaryMossy Creek Elementary
North Aiken ElementaryNorth Aiken Elementary
North Augusta ElementaryNorth Augusta Elementary
Oakwood-Windsor ElementaryOakwood-Windsor Elementary
Redcliffe ElementaryRedcliffe Elementary
Ridge Spring-Monetta ElementaryRidge Spring-Monetta Elementary
Warrenville ElementaryWarrenville Elementary
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